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BIENEN-VOIGT is a relatively young company with a strong successline. Grown out of “nothing” Bienen-Voigt became a well-known supplier for bee products, in particular pollen, royale gelée and propolis are  main products. Also close to market-leadership with natural-cosmetics, beekeepers clothes and honey-extractors. Last not least Bienen-Voigt is well  acknowledged for its bee farm and honey trade.

The company WARNHOLZ has been founded in 1945 and has a strong basement of satisfied customers. Warnholz became famous by introducing polystyrol beehives, especially the “Segeberger Beute”, today the very most selled polystyrol hive in Europe!. Later the “Nordwabe”, a full plastic frame and foundation in two german sizes followed and is also very successful in use by thousands of beekeepers. In the 80´s, Warnholz established a strong  mail-order business, with customers in nearly all european countries.

Both companies combined show a very “high potential” for their customers. Today the customers benefits from a strenghened high quality product portfolio with fair prices, due to combined purcha-sing and own manufacturing.
Since 2004 our correct name is: Bienen-Voigt & Warnholz GmbH & Co. KG.

A lot of new articles on stock. In our catalogue - which you can order free of charge - you find best quality and fair prices on 96 pages.

The prices are in EURO, including the German VAT (19%). We cannot guarantee every price, if there are any errors or there are changes necessary, we'll do it - but not without your concern - We accept payment in advance.
The minimum order value is EUR 50,--

Carsten Voigt
Managing director CEO

Office: Jan Wollner, Hagen Warnholz, Sonja Evers


Christian Strehlow
Technical director CTO

Storehand: Jan Wollner, Benjamin Klee, Sebastian Luschas, Martina Kopp